Test and sharpen your Fighting Instincts very split second of a round!
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Boxing Box

This is an actual image of the Boxing Box.

It take about 30 to 45 minutes
to assemble.

And the easy set up takes about 10 seconds to put up and 5 seconds to take down during use.

The Boxing Box is the only
Interactive fighting product 
that will challenge your mind and body.

It's not sold in stores!
This is the only place to buy the
Boxing Box

New Phase
Great Circle Products Inc 
Owns the patents and copyright of the Boxing Box

I have over 35 years of 
Research and Development
behind the concept of our new product line that will change the way you work out.

We have created a safe site to Buy

Improve your
Fighting Instincts
in just minutes a day!

Carlos Garcia (Massachusetts Trainer of the Year)
 Fully Endorses the Boxing Box

The New Most Self Challenging Boxing Workout
 Available Worldwide!
Just add it to your heavy bag and see for


Not just a claim, this is what the Boxing Box provides.    It's our championship belt!